BS (4 Years) Political Science

Compulsory Requirements

Common for Political Science Major and IR Major

10 courses – 30 Credit hours

Sr. NoCodeTitle of CourseCredits
1SPIR - 001 English I - Grammar and Composition3 Credits
2SPIR - 002English II - Comprehension, Reading, and Prose3 Credits
3SPIR - 003English III - Novel, Poetry, and Drama3 Credits
4SPIR - 004English IV - Communication and Writing Skills3 Credits
5SPIR - 005Pakistan Studies3 Credits
6SPIR - 006Islamic Studies 3 Credits
7SPIR - 007Ethics 3 Credits
8SPIR - 008Basic Mathematics 3 Credits
9SPIR - 009Introduction to Statistic 3 Credits
10SPIR - 010Political History of the World3 Credits
11SPIR - 011Computer Skills for Social Sciences3 Credits

Note: SPIR-007 Ethics can be opted by Non-Muslim Students in the place of SPIR-006 Islamic Studies


Interdisciplinary General Courses

To be chosen from allied disciplines/departments

Common for Political Science Major and IR Major

7 courses – 21 Credit hours

*Students can opt any 7 courses offered by the School depending upon the expertise and availability of the faculty

Sr. NoCodeTitle of CourseCredits
1SPIR - 101Introduction to History3 Credits
2SPIR - 102Introduction to Philosophy 3 Credits
3SPIR - 103Political Ideologies: Structures and Functions3 Credits
4SPIR - 104Introduction to Law 3 Credits
5SPIR - 105Introduction to Geography 3 Credits
6SPIR - 106Introduction to Economics 3 Credits
7SPIR - 107Introduction to Sociology 3 Credits
8SPIR - 108Introduction to Education 3 Credits
9SPIR - 109Introduction to Social Work 3 Credits
10SPIR - 110Introduction to Psychology 3 Credits
11SPIR - 111Introduction to Public Administration 3 Credits
12SPIR - 112Introduction to Economy of Pakistan 3 Credits
13SPIR - 113Introduction to Anthropology 3 Credits
14SPIR - 114Introduction to Mass Communication 3 Credits
15SPIR - 115Political History of Pakistan: 1947 to present 3 Credits
16SPIR - 116Constitutional Development in Pakistan 3 Credits
17SPIR - 117Introduction to Gender Studies 3 Credits
18SPIR - 118Comparative Religions 3 Credits
19SPIR - 119Logic and Reasoning 3 Credits
20SPIR - 120Introduction to Everyday Science 3 Credits
21SPIR - 121Introduction to Development Studies3 Credits
22SPIR - 122Introduction to Environmental Studies3 Credits
23SPIR - 123Introduction to Public Policy3 Credits
24SPIR - 124Introduction to Theory and Method3 Credits
25SPIR - 125Cross Cultural Communication3 Credits
26SPIR - 126Foreign Language ( Arabic, Persian, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian or any other language deemed important by the SPIR)3 Credits


Discipline Specific Foundation Courses

Political Science

13 courses – 39 Credit hours (All Courses are Compulsory)

1SPIR - 201Introduction to International Relations3 Credits
2SPIR - 202Introduction to Political Science3 Credits
3SPIR - 203Research Methodology 3 Credits
4SPIR - 204Politics of International Economic Relations3 Credits
5SPIR - 205Government and Politics of Pakistan3 Credits
6SPIR - 206Foreign Policy of Pakistan3 Credits
7SPIR - 207Dimensions of Modern Strategy3 Credits
8POL - 301Introduction to Political Theory3 Credits
9POL - 302Muslim Political Thought3 Credits
10POL - 303Western Political Thought3 Credits
11POL - 304Comparative Politics3 Credits
12POL - 305Political Systems3 Credits
13POL - 306Introduction to Public Policy3 Credits


Group A: Pakistan Studies

1POL - 311Federalism and Inter-Provincial Harmony3 Credits
2POL - 312Muslim Nationalism and Pakistan Movement3 Credits
3POL - 313Political and Constitutional Development in Pakistan (1947 to Present)3 Credits
4POL - 314Local Government in Pakistan3 Credits
5POL - 315Critical Issues in Pakistan’s Foreign Policy3 Credits
6POL - 316Political Parties and Pressure Groups in Pakistan3 Credits
7POL - 317Public Administration in Pakistan3 Credits
8POL - 318Political Economy of Pakistan3 Credits
9POL - 319Pakistan: Issues of Energy and Natural Resources3 Credits
10POL - 320Development in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities3 Credits
11POL - 321Socio-Political Dimensions of Sectarianism in Pakistan3 Credits
12POL - 322Military and Politics in Pakistan3 Credits
13POL - 323Democracy and Authoritarianism3 Credits


Group B: Comparative Politics

1POL - 329Political Sociology3 Credits
2POL - 330Issues of Global Development: The Role of States and Markets3 Credits
3POL - 331The Law of Uneven Development: States and Markets3 Credits
4POL - 332Political Modernisation and Social Change in Developing Societies3 Credits
5POL - 333Media and Politics3 Credits
6POL - 334Understanding Conflict and Violence3 Credits
7POL - 335Comparative Political System of Developed Nations3 Credits
8POL - 336Comparative Political System of Developing Nations3 Credits
9POL - 337Islam and The West3 Credits
10POL - 338Human Rights3 Credits
11POL - 339Gender and Politics3 Credits
12POL - 340Legislative and Political Development in Pakistan3 Credits
13POL - 341Development and Underdevelopment in Pakistan3 Credits
14POL - 342Pakistan: Issues of Poverty and Illiteracy3 Credits
15POL - 343Seminar: Comparative Political System of South Asia3 Credits
16POL - 344Seminar: Comparative Political System of the Muslim World3 Credits
17POL - 345Seminar: Comparative Political System of the West 3 Credits


Group C: International Relations

1POL - 346Approaches and Theories of International Relations3 Credits
2POL - 347Foreign Policy Analysis3 Credits
3POL - 348International Relations Since 19453 Credits
4POL - 349Politics of Environment3 Credits
5POL - 350International Law & Organizations3 Credits
6POL - 351Nuclear Studies: Nuclear Proliferation & Non-Proliferation3 Credits
7POL - 352Global Security3 Credits
8POL - 353Contemporary Muslim World3 Credits
9POL - 354Political System of Major Powers3 Credits
10POL - 355Regional Integration3 Credits
11POL - 356Politics of International Terrorism3 Credits
12POL - 357Seminar on Selected Contemporary Issues in International Politics 3 Credits
13POL - 358Seminar on Selected Contemporary Issues in South Asia3 Credits
14POL - 359Seminar on Nuclear Politics 3 Credits


Group D:Area Studies

1POL - 360Politics of Central Asia3 Credits
2POL - 361Politics of South East Asia3 Credits
3POL - 362 Politics of South Asia3 Credits
4POL - 363Politics of North America3 Credits
5POL - 364Politics of Latin America3 Credits
6POL - 365International Politics of Middle East3 Credits
7POL - 366International Politics of Gulf Region3 Credits
8POL - 367Politics of Europe3 Credits
9POL - 368Politics of Maghreb (North Africa, North West Africa)3 Credits
10POL - 369Politics of India3 Credits
11POL - 370Politics of U.S.A3 Credits
12POL - 371Politics of Iran and Saudi Arabia3 Credits
13POL - 372Politics of Turkey3 Credits
14POL - 373Politics of Russia3 Credits
15POL - 374Politics of China3 Credits
16POL - 375Seminar on Military Alliances: NATO, WARSAW, Pact, etc.3 Credits
17POL - 376Seminar on Regional Politico-Economic Organisations3 Credits


Group E: Political Studies

1POL - 377Democratic Development3 Credits
2POL - 378Leadership and Management3 Credits
3POL - 379Electoral Politics, Public Opinion and Democracy3 Credits
4POL - 380Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism3 Credits
5POL - 381Civilisational Coexistence 3 Credits
6POL - 382Sovereignty in the 21 st Century3 Credits
7POL - 383Politics of Disputed Borders3 Credits
8POL - 384Politics of Aid and Trade3 Credits
9POL - 385Theories of Ethnicity and Nationalism3 Credits
10POL - 386Civil Society and Political Change3 Credits
11POL - 387Peace Education3 Credits
12POL - 388Sources and Dynamics of Political Change3 Credits
13POL - 389Mafias, Narcotics and Human Trafficking3 Credits
14POL - 390Theory and Practice of Civil Resistance3 Credits
15POL - 391Media and Social Networks in Politics3 Credits
16POL - 392Issues in Domestic Politics3 Credits
17POL - 393Contemporary National Issues3 Credits
18POL - 394Migration and Immigration in International Politics3 Credits
19POL - 395Conflict Resolution3 Credits
20POL - 396Media and Policy Making3 Credits
21POL - 397Politics of Language and Identity3 Credits
22POL - 398Global Civil Society3 Credits
23POL - 399Seminar on Political Studies3 Credits


Group F: Graduate Essay/Internship

1POL – 400Graduate Essay (Subject to approval of SPIR Research Committee)6 Credits
2POL – 401Internship (Subject to approval of SPIR Research Committee)3 Credits