PhD Thesis

Sr #Name of StudentTitle of ThesisName of SupervisorYear
1Maria Saifuddin EffendiEvaluating Trends of Protracted Social Conflict Model and Instrumentalism in Ethnic Conflict of Karachi 2000-2013Prof. Dr. Nazir Hussain2019
2Ashfaq Ahmed MalikIndo-US Strategic Partnership: Implication for PakistanProf. Dr. Nazir Hussain2019
3Summar Iqbal BaberIndia’s Military Modernization: Implications for Strategic Stability in South AsiaDr. Syed Qandil Abbas2019
4Saweeda RahmanRegional Economic Integration: A Comparison between ASEAN and SAARCDr. Muhammad Mujeeb Afzal2019
5Samra NazEmerging World Order: Challenges and Prospects for Internal Stability in AfghanistanProf. Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2019
6Asma RashidUS Foreign Policy towards Afghanistan in Post 9/11 Era: A Comparison of Bush and Obama Regimes (2001-2014)Prof.Dr. Lubna Abid2019
7Mariam AsifRise of Baloch Insurgency: An ExplanationProf.Dr. Lubna Abid2019
8Muhammad SadiqNuclear Deterrence Under the Shadow of Non State Actors: A Case Study of South AsiaProf. Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2019
9Muhammad Naveed QaisarTransformation in Global Politics: Pakistan Drifting towards New AlignmentsProf. Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2019
10Muhammad Jamshed IqbalPakistan’s Foreign Policy: Post 9/11 Trends and TransformationsProf. Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2019
11Maliha Zeba KhanPakistan Amid the War on Terror: State versus Nation? A Political PerspectiveProf. Dr. Tahir Amin2019
12Ahmed Saeed MinhasEmerging Nexus Between Space Weaponization and Missile Shield: Implication for South Asian Strategic StabilityProf. Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2019
13Raja Qaiser Ahmed KhanCompeting Discourses in India: Impact on Policy Towards PakistanDr. Muhammad Mujeeb Afzal2018
14Farooq ArshadRegionalism in South Asia: Problems and Prospects for South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (A Case Study of India-Pakistan Attitude towards SAARC)Prof. Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2018
15Munawar HussainPost 9/11, Pak-US Relations: Politico Strategic Implications for PakistanProf. Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2018
16Muhammad KarimNATO After 9/11: Role in war Against TerrorismDr. Lubna Abid Ali2018
17Nasreen AkhtarCivil-Military Relations during the Zardari Regime (2008-2012) in Pakistan: Internal and External Factors.Dr. Tahir Amin2017
18Talat SahbbirPakistan-China Relations in the Post-Cold War Period:Regional and Global Implications.Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2017
19Farhat Konain ShujahiEmergence of India as a Major Power, Implications for South Asian Security with Particular Reference to PakistanDr. Nazir Hussain2017
20Sarwat SattarRussia's Interests in Central Asia: Trends and ChallengesDr. Nazir Hussain2017
21Amirullah KhanBiosecurity Puzzles and Prospects: A case Study of District Peshawar and District BannuDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2017
22Muzaffar KhanThe US-Iraq Policy 2001 to 2008: An Application of Offensive RealismDr. Muhammad Hanif2017
23Tamkanat FatimaIran’s Nuclear Program: Implication for Middle EastDr. Tahir Amin2017
24Adam SaudPolitical Islam in Central Asia: Post Independence Revivalism (1992-2014)Dr. Tahir Amin2017
25Sumeera RiazSino –US Relations: Implications for PakistanDr. Mavara Inayat2017
26Mr.Khaga Nath AdhikariIndia-Nepal Water Treaties: Equitable right or Power politicsProf.Dr.Tahir Amin2016
27Saira SaleemFailure of State and Democracy Building Experiment in Post-Taliban AfghanistanProf.Dr.Tahir Amin2016
28Imran SyedIdentity in Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: Collaboration with USADr. Lubna Abid Ali2016
29Irfan Hasnain QasiraniUnilateralism in U.S. Foreign Policy: A
case study of G.W. Bush Administration
Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2015
30Arshi Saleem HashmiThe Deobandi Madrassas in india and their Elusion of Jihadi Politics: Lessons for Pakistan.Prof. Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2014
31Rana Eijaz AhmadGlobalization and its Impact on China and India in the Twenty First Century.Prof. Dr. Rukhsana A. Siddiqui2013
32Mansoor AhmedPakistan’s Nuclear Program: Security, Politics & TechnologyDr. Ishtiaq Ahmad2012
33Muhammad Mujeeb AfzalBJP’s Politics and the Muslims of IndiaProf. Dr. Tahir Amin2012
34Simbal A. KhanInternational Politics of Border Security in Uzbekistan:2013 A Case Study of the Ferghana Valley, 1999-2001Prof. Dr. Tahir Amin2010
35Zafar Nawaz JaspalSouth Asian Nuclearization: Implications for Regional Security & Nuclear Non-Proliferation RegimProf. Dr. Syed Rifaat Hussain2009
36Shaheen AkhtarEthnic Conflict in Sri-Lanka: Domestic, Regional and International Linkages (1983-1993)Prof. Dr. Tahir Amin2007
37Lubna Abid AliForeign Policy Behaviour of A Post-Revolutionary State: A Case Study of Iran 1979-2002Prof. Dr. Tariq Rahman2003