PhD Thesis

Sr #Name of StudentTitle of ThesisName of SupervisorYear
1Sarwat Sattar
Russia’s Interests in Central Asia: Trends and ChallengesDr. Nazir Hussain2017
2Amirullah KhanBiosecurity Puzzles and Prospects: A case Study of District Peshawar and District BannuDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2017
3Muzaffar KhanThe US-Iraq Policy 2001 to 2008: An Application of Offensive RealismDr. Muhammad Hanif2017
4Tamkanat FatimaIran’s Nuclear Program: Implication for Middle EastDr. Tahir Amin2017
5Adam Saud Political Islam in Central Asia: Post Independence Revivalism (1992-2014)Dr. Tahir Amin2017
6Mr.Khaga Nath AdhikariIndia-Nepal Water Treaties: Equitable right or Power politicsProf.Dr.Tahir Amin2016
7Dr. Saira SaleemFailure of State and Democracy Building Experiment in Post-Taliban AfghanistanProf.Dr.Tahir Amin2016
8Imran SyedIdentity in Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: Collaboration with USADr. Lubna Abid Ali 2016
9Irfan Hasnain QasiraniUnilateralism in U.S. Foreign Policy: A
case study of G.W. Bush Administration
Dr. Lubna Abid Ali 2015
10Dr. Arshi Saleem HashmiThe Deobandi Madrassas in india and their Elusion of Jihadi Politics: Lessons for Pakistan.Prof. Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2014
11Dr. Rana Eijaz AhmadGlobalization and its Impact on China and India in the Twenty First Century.Prof. Dr. Rukhsana A. Siddiqui2013
12Dr. Mansoor AhmedPakistan’s Nuclear Program: Security, Politics & TechnologyDr. Ishtiaq Ahmad2012
13Dr. Muhammad Mujeeb AfzalBJP’s Politics and the Muslims of IndiaProf. Dr. Tahir Amin2012
14Dr. Simbal A. KhanInternational Politics of Border Security in Uzbekistan:2013 A Case Study of the Ferghana Valley, 1999-2001Prof. Dr. Tahir Amin2010
15Dr. Zafar Nawaz JaspalSouth Asian Nuclearization: Implications for Regional Security & Nuclear Non-Proliferation RegimProf. Dr. Syed Rifaat Hussain2009
16Dr. Shaheen AkhtarEthnic Conflict in Sri-Lanka: Domestic, Regional and International Linkages (1983-1993)Prof. Dr. Tahir Amin2007
17Prof. Dr. Lubna Abid AliForeign Policy Behaviour of A Post-Revolutionary State: A Case Study of Iran 1979-2002Prof. Dr. Tariq Rahman2003