MPhil Thesis

Sr. NoName of StudentTitle of ThesisName of SupervisorYear
1Abdul GhafoorPost 9/11 Pak-U.S. Engagement on Nuclear Weapons Security: Perceptions and ResponsesDr. Ahmed Ijaz Malik2016
2Tilak IshtiaqPak-Afghan- India Security Relationship Post 9/11: Implications for Pakistan’s SecurityDr. Mavara Inayat2016
3Mubashra ShaheenUS-Asia Pivot Strategy and PakistanDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2016
4Farwa WajidSectarianism in Pakistan: A Theoretical AnalysisDr. Syed Qandil Abass 2016
5Waqar HussainGreat Power Politics: A Case Study of International Atomic energy Agency (IAEA)Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2016
6Khadija ShariefHindu Worldview of BJP and its Impact on Indian Foreign PolicyDr. M. Mujeeb Afzal2016
7Aamir BashirWestern Discourse on Pakistan’s Nuclear Security: A Constructivist Critique of Epistemology Dr. Ahmed Ijaz Malik2016
8Mastoor Qurat-Ul-AinIran Nuclear Deal: Implications for Middle East SecurityDr. Nazir Hussain2016
9Shaiza NawazPak-Saudi Economic and Military Cooperation A Case Study of Nawaz Sharif PeriodDr. Nazir Hussain2016
10Hira MailkTracing the Missing Links Muslim Legacy in Socio-Political Discourse and the Dilemma of Muslim othernessDr. Nazir Hussain2016
11Hfsah QaziNuclear Suppliers Group: Transformations in 21 st Century and Impacts Upon Non- Proliferation RegimeDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2015
12Syeda Vardah aftabUS Democracy Promotion policy in Middle East, Myth or Reality: a comparative study of Egypt and IraqProf. Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2015
13M.Yousuf KakarUs Drone Attacks in FATA: Its Causes and ConsequencesDr. Nazir Hussain2015
14Tooba MansoorUS Counter Proliferation Efforts: A comparative study of Iran and North KoreaDr. Nazir Hussain2015
15Sana AslamMedia As an Escalator in Crisis-Management: India-Pakistan ContextDr. Nazir Hussain2015
16Kanwal BatoolIMF and World Bank as tools of Intervention: A case study of pakistanDr. Nazir Hussain2015
17M. Waseem QutabNon-NPT states: A case of Membership in Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2015
18Hafsa QaziNuclear Suppliers Group: Transformation in 21 st Century and Impacts upon Non-Proliferation RegimeDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2015
19Anum PervezIndo-Afghan Strategic Partnership and its Regional ImplicationsDr. Mavara Inayat2015
20Sabeen SohailPakistan Relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran post 9/11: A Quest for balanceDr. Mavara Inayat2015
21Asma KhalidDegree of Integration in European Union in the Post-Cold war eraDr. Mavara Inayat2015
22Sana Altaf Ch.The Impact of Hydropolitics on Conflict and Cooperation in the Middle East: A Case Study of the Jordan River BasinDr. Syed Qandil Abbas2015
23Sabiha ShakirInida – Pakistan Strategic Competition: Prospects for a Sustain Economic CooperationDr. M. Mujeeb Afzal2015
24M. Idrees KakarThe rise of sub-nationalism in Pakistan: a case study of Baloch nationalist movement in BalochistanDr. M. Mujeeb Afzal2015
25Sana JavedThe War Against Terror: Critical theorists PerspectiveDr. M. Mujeeb Afzal2015
26M. Fazal-ur-RehmanThe UN peacekeeping mission politically motivated or humanitarian based: a comparative analysis of Bosnia and RwandaDr. M. Mujeeb Afzal2015
27Atiq WazirThe Emerging multi-polarity and U.S. strategy to counter ChinaDr. M. Mujeeb Afzal2015
28Tahir AhmadThe Impact of Oersonalization and Instutionalization of Social Contract on Foreign Policy: A case study of Egypt and United StatesDr.Ahmed Ijaz Malik2015
29Iram MazharThe Dynamics of US-India Relations in the 21 st . Century: An AnalysisDr. Abdur Rehman2015
30Kinza Tasleem Ch.Human Security: A Case Study of PakistanDr. Zafare Nawaz Jaspal2014
31Maimuna AshrafNuclear Disaster Management: A Case study of PakistanDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2014
32Mehwish Malik (DSS)The US Public Diplomacy in Pakistan Post 9/11Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2014
33Syed Gohar AltafThreat of Nuclear-Radiological Terrorism and Nuclear Security Summit Process: An AssessmentDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2014
34M. Dawood KakarNew Great Game: Significance of BaluchistanDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2014
35Kinza Tasleem Ch.Human Security: A Case Study of PakistanDr. Zafare Nawaz Jaspal2014
36MaiMuna AshrafNuclear Disaster Management: A Case study of PakistanDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2014
37Azeem KhalidIndia China Relations: Implications for PakistanDr. M. Mujeeb Afzal2014
38Abdur Rehman ShahContinuity and Change in Pak-China Relations: The Post-Cold War EraDr. M. Mujeeb Afzal2014
39Sana JavedThe War Against Terror: Critical theorists PerspectiveDr. M. Mujeeb Afzal2014
40M. ArshadClientile Politics in US Foreign Relations: A Case Study of Pak. U.S. Partnership (2001-2010 )Dr. Syed Qandil Abbas2014
41Rabael HamzaRole of Media in Foreign Policy: A case study of PakistanDr. Syed Qandil Abbas2014
42S. M. HasnainContinuity and Change in Iran's Foreign Policy: Khatami to Ahmadinejad"Dr. Syed Qandil Abbas2014
43Samreen AsgharAnti-American Sentiments in Pakistan: The Role of MediaDr. Syed Qandil Abbas2014
44Saad Ali KhanReligion and Politics in Pakistan Case Study of SufismDr. Syed Qandil Abbas2014
45Syed Muhammad Ali ZaidiComparative Study of the Role of Baath Party of Iraq and Syria From 1958-1970Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2013
46Sardar Sajjad AhmedCivil Military Relations: Impact on Civilianization of Polity in PakistanDr. Mavara Inayat2013
47Muhammad Baqir MalikCyber Terrorism: Problems of Counter MeasureDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2013
48Mansoor AhmedConflict and Geo Politics of Baluchistan on PakistanDr. Nazir Hussain2013
49Tabassum MajeedSecurity in Swat: Conflict Settlement and Peace Building (2001-2011)Dr. Syed Qandil Abbas2013
50Salma Rashid KhanRise of Militancy in Pakistan: A Case Study of Swat.Dr. Nazir Hussain2013
51Muhammad UmairThe US War on Terror: Implications for Pakistan SecurityDr. Mavara Inayat2013
52Saira Nawaz AbbasiThe US Policy in South Asia Since 9/11 Challenges for Regional SecurityDr. Nazir Hussain2013
53Muhammad TaqqiIndo-US Strategic Alliance: Implication for PakistanDr. Mahmud-ul-Hassan Butt2013
54AymenIjazConference on Disarmament Prospects and Challenges in the 21 st CenturyDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2013
55Sidra AmbreenPost-Cold War Strategic Environment: Significance of NATODr. Mahmud-ul-Hassan Butt2013
56Babar MahmoodIndia's Cold Start Doctrine: Critical AnalysisDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2013
57Sana DarUnrest and Revolt in the Arab World Regional ImplicationsDr. Mavara Inayat2013
58Muhammad FaheemWater Security in South Asia: A Case Study of India and PakistaDr. Mavara Inayat2013
59Maniha AliGender and Politics in South Asia: A Comparative Study of India and Pak.Dr. Nazir Hussain2013
60S. Ali Raza ZaidiPak-Iran Relations After 9/11Dr. Mahmud-ul-Hassan Butt2013
61M. Najam-ud-Din FaraniThe US Exit Strategy: Impact on Afghan War on TerrorDr. Nazir Hussain2013
62Kanwal HabibGlobalization: The Emerging Contours of Transnational CultureDr. Nazir Hussain2013
63Khurshid Ali SingayResurgence of Russia Prospects and ChallengesDr. Nazir Hussain2013
64Muhammad RizwanThe US Role in Afghanistan in Post 9/11 Era: Implications for PakistanDr. Mahmud-ul-Hassan Butt2013
65Alamgir Khan KhattakWar on Terror in Afghanistan and Its Impact on FATA: Challenges for Pakistan's SecurityDr. Ahmed Ijaz Malik2013
66Shahid MehmoodPakistan-India Relations Post 9/11 Implications for the Regional SecurityDr. Mavara Inayat2013
67Imtiaz AliClimate Change: A Potential Non-Traditional Security Threat to PakistanDr. Tahir Amin2013
68Mehreen BibiReligion and Politics in Central Asia: A Case Study of TajikistanDr. Syed Qandil Abbas2013
69RaheelaAsfa CheemaThe Issue of Small Arms in the context of Transnational Organized Crimes: Its Implications on Pakistan's National SecurityDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2013
70Muhammad Adnan KhanThe Root Causes of Terrorism: A Case Study of FATADr. Lubna Abid Ali2013
71Zohaib HayatThe Rise of China and India: Implications for the Global OrderDr. Lubna Abid Ali2013
72QudsiaAkramUS Sanctions on Iran: A Critical Analysis Under Legal PerspectiveDr. Syed Qandil Abbas2013
73Asfandyar WazirElite Politics in Pakistan During Musharaf Era: Implications for US-Pakistan RelationsDr. Mavara Inayat2013
74Muhammad ArshadCliental Politics in the US Foreign Relations: A Case Study of Pakistan-US Strategic Partnership 2001-2010Dr. S. Qandil Abbas2013
75M. ZakaUllah KhanIran's Nuclear Program: A Test of Non-Proliferation RegimeDr. Mahmud-ul-Hassan Butt2013
76Mirza HussainNATO: From Security Alliance to Intervention (A Case Study of Libya)Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2013
77Ali RazaInstitutional Development in Afghanistan: A Case Study of Karzai Era (2002-2008)Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2013
78Muhammad Fiaz HussainThe Anatomy of Crime Terror Nexus: A Case Study of PakistanDr. Lubna Abid Ali2013
79Arshad Mehmood AbbasiIsraeli Palestinian Conflict Transformation from Secular Nationalism to Religious RadicalismDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2012
80M Imran saniHydro Politics in South Asia: A Case Study of India-Pakistan Water DisputesDr. Mavara Inayat2012
81Sanaullah RindThe Political Economy of Terrorism a Case Study of Pakistan Post 9/11Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2012
82Sidra IqbalUnited States Policies Towards Muslim World: Post 9/11 EraDr. Lubna Abid Ali2012
83Sasd sultan GorayaRise of China Impact on Global PoliticsDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2012
84Zamin khanFata: From Turbulent Frontier to Safe HavenDr. Tahir Amin2012
85Farooq ArshadProspects of Peace Between India-Pakistan Post 9/11Dr. Mahmud-ul-Hassan Butt2012
86Bilal Bin LiaqatPak-China Relations and Its Impact on South AsiaDr. Mahmud-ul-Hassan Butt2012
87Tooba AslamKashmir Conflict and the Roadmap to PeaceDr. Nazir Hussain2012
88M. Shoaib MisbahThe US Israel Strategic Alliance: Impact on Regional SecurityDr. Nazir Hussain2012
89Salman Ali BhittaniSino-Pakistan Relations Since Post 9/11: Critical PerspectivesDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2012
90Syeda Benazir GillaniProcess of State Formation: A Comparative Study of Turkey and PakistanDr. Lubna Abid Ali2012
91Salma AshrafUS Policies Towards Political Islam Post 9/11 (A Critical Analysis)Dr. Tahir Amin2012
92Faheem Ullah KhanPakistan Afghan Policy: Impacts of Regional Strategic EnvironmentDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2012
93M. Jahanzeb AkmalIndia's Quest for Space Weaponisation: Its Impact over Regional Strategic StabilityDr. Mahmud-ul-Hassan Butt2012
94Sikandar AliPolitical Economy of Environmental Degradation: A Case Study of PakistanDr. Lubna Abid Ali2012
95Asma MaqsoodPolicies Towards Afghanistan in The Post 9/11 EraDr. Tahir Amin2012
96Qamar Abbas CheemaFMIT and Nuclear Non Proliferation in South Asia Prospects and ObstaclesDr. Syed Qandil Abbas2012
97Ishrat Afshan AbbasiWar Against Terrorism and Its Impact Upon Human Security: The Case of PakistanDr. Tahir Amin2012
98Zulqarnain NizamaniPakistan-India Relations: A Case Study of Water disputeDr. Tahir Amin2012
99Hadia AhmedThe Role of Media in Indo-Pak Relations: A Case Study of Mumbai AttacksDr. Nazir Hussain2012
100Mansoor AhmedPakistan Nuclear Program: Security Politics and TechnologyDr. Ishtiaq Ahmed2012
101Mohammad Eldei Ali IbrahimThe South Sudan's Secession: Internal and External ImplicationsDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2012
102Nasrullah KhanPakistan's Afghan policy Post 9/11Dr. Tahir Amin2012
103Muhammad SaeedThe New Great Game in Central Asia: Implications for PakistanDr. Tahir Amin2012
104Fazeel Ashraf QaisraniUS Invasion of Afghanistan and Regional ImplicationsDr. Mahmud-ul-Hassan Butt2012
105Madiha AshrafIslam and the West after 9/11: Conflict or CooperationDr. Tahir Amin2012
106Rehana WaghaImpact of US Interventions on Afghan Women & (Committee)Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2012
107Abdul Sadiq KhanThe US Role in Nation and State Building of Afghanistan Since 9/11Dr. Nazir Hussain2012
108Farhat Konain ShujahiSouth Asian Strategic Stability Challenges and Option for PakistanDr. Nazir Hussain2012
109Saad Sultan GorayaRise of China: Impact on Global PoliticsDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2012
110Fatima HamdiaTanveerNon Traditional Security Paradigm: A Case Study of BiosecurityDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2012
111HinaaliMuslims in Western Europe: Problems of IntegrationDr. Tahir Amin2012
112Annam AzeemMQM: Politics of Ethnicity Militancy and NationalismDr. Mavara Inayat2012
113Saeed khanThe Genesis of Militancy in Swat: Domestic and International FactorsDr. Tahir Amin2011
114M. Faheem KhattakPakistan – Russia Relations Since 9/11 Implications for Pakistan's SecurityDr. Tahir Amin2011
115Tumor ShahaniScarcity of resources and its impact on security in PakistanDr Lubna Abid Ali2011
116Summar Iqbal BabarWar on Terrorism: Foreign Policy Options for PakistanDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2011
117Maqbool HassanAfghanistan at the center of the new great game ; implications for PakistanDr Lubna Abid Ali2011
118Tamur shahaniScarcity of resources and its impact on security in PakistanDr pervaiz iqbal cheema2011
119Nida ShabbirTerrorism and the Politics of South Asia Case Study of Indo-Pak Relations Post 9/11Dr. Nazir Hussain2011
120Zahid Ullah KhanAfghan Factor in the Rise of Militancy in the Tribal AreasDr. Tahir Amin2011
121Asma RashidAfghan-Pak Policy Under Obama Administration: A critical AnalysisDr. Tahir Amin2011
122Mehwish AdilU.S. Economic Assistance to Pakistan Since 9/11: Implications for Pakistan's Development SectorDr. Tahir Amin2011
123Nisar Ahmed PanhwarNon-State Actors endeavoring for Power: A Comparative Study of TTP and HezbollahDr. Lubna Abid Ali2011
124Hussain AbbasU.S. Policy of Democracy Promotion: A Comparative Study of Iraq and AfghanistanDr. Lubna Abid Ali2011
125Hafsa BadarIndia as a Factor in Pakistan-Pakistan Relation Post 9/11Dr. Tahir Amin2011
126Malik Muhammad AliPolitics of US aid to Pakistan Since 9/11: A Case Study of Kerry Lugar BillDr. Tahir Amin2011
127Zaheer AbbasRole of Shiite Islam in Shaping the Foreign PolicyDr. Lubna Abid Ali2011
128Sana YousufResurgence of Baloch Ethno-Nationalist Movement : Domestic and International Factors (1999-2009)Dr. Tahir Amin2011
129Sadia BhalliIndia's Relations With Central Asia: Post cold War EraDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2011
130Humera IqbalUS-Pakistan Relations Under Obama Administration: Implication for Pakistan's SecurityDr. Lubna Abid Ali2011
131Jalal Tariq khanRole of Jirga in the Resolution of Current Afghan ConflictDr.Ishtiq Ahmad2010
132Zartasha NiaziEmerging Options on KashmirDr. Lubna Abid Ali2010
133Sarosh FatimaComposite Dialogue Between Pakistan and India and south Asian StabilityDr. Tahir Amin2010
134Ahmad Ali NaqviThe Role of Non-State Actors in Arab –Israeli Conflict: A Case Study of HezbollahDr. Lubna Abid Ali2010
135Masood AhmadNato Forces in Afghanistan: Implications for FATADr Tahir Amin2010
136Sarah SaeedWater Conflict Between India and PakistanDr. Ishtiaq Ahmad2010
137Maryam MastoorUs Strategy Towards Post-Taliban Afghanistan: A Comparative Analysis of Bush and Obama AdministrationsDr. Ishtiaq Ahmad2010
138Uzma HaiderIndo-Israel Relations Converging Interests and Challenges for PakistanDr. Lubna Abid Ali2010
139Abeerah WaqarMilitary's Participation in Politics: A comparative Study of India and PakistanDr. Ishtiaq Ahmed2010
140Hamid IqbalThe US A factor in Pak-Afghan Relations in the Post 9/11 ScenarioDr. Nazir Hussain2010
141Bushra IftikharPakistan and Iran: Ancient Partners in the Context of Regional and International ChallengesDr. Lubna Abid Ali2010
142Iftikhar Hussain ButtEuropean Union: A Viable Experiment in Regional IntegrationDr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal2010
143M. Farman KakarThe Rise of Islamic-Tribal Militancy in FATANA2010
144Sidra TariqUS-Pakistan Relation (2001-2008): Implications for Pakistan's SecurityDr. Tahir Amin2010
145M. Rauf KakarGuam –Organization for Democracy and Economic Development a Critical EvaluationDr. Tahir Amin2009
146Syed Imran SardarConflict Transformation Between India and PakistanDr. Mavara Inayat2009
147Tanveer AnjumSino-Pakistan Relations in post –cold War EraDr. Tahir Amin2009
148Aneela KiranEurope's Perceptions and Policies Towards Muslims (2001-2008)Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2009
149M. Shahid RanaAfghanistan as a Factor in Indo-Pak Relations Challenges and OpportunitiesDr. Tahir Amin2009
150Sara Batool NaqviThe Role of Confidence Building Measures in India Pakistan Peace ProcessDr. Ishtiaq Ahmad2009
151Abdul BasitThe Political Economy of War on Terror a Case of PakistanDr. Rukhsana A. Siddiqui2009
152SadafLatifPakistan s –Afghanistan Policy in the Post-Taliban era a Decision Making ApproachDr. Tahir Amin2009
153MajdaShabbirDr. Wangari Maathai's Green Belt Movement in Kenya and its Relevance to PakistanDr. Rukhsana A. Siddiqui2009
154Akhtar Khan WazirPost 9/11 Afghanistan: Implications for the Strategic Calculations of Pakistan's Foreign PolicyDr. Ishtiaq Ahmed2009
155Maryam AsifThe Resurgence of Baloch Nationalism Domestic and International FactorsDr. Tahir Amin2009
156Zill-e-HumaChina's Policy Towards Central Asian Region After 9/11Dr. Tahir Amin2008
157Adam SaudIslamic Movements of central AsiaDr. Tahir Amin2008
158Saima YounisGlobalization of Democracy and Role of Us as HegemonDr. Lubna Abid Ali2008
159Sarah AkramUS Foreign Policy Towards India and Pakistan After 9/11Dr. Lubna Abid Ali2008
160Irfan Hasnain QaisraniRole of NEO-CONS in US Foreign Policy During G. W. Bush AdministrationDr. Lubna Abid Ali2008
161Aamer RazaThe Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism: Clash of Civilization or Quest for IdentityDr. lubna Abid Ali2008
162Sheila KhalidThe Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in the Post 9/11 EraDr. Lubna Abid Ali2008
163Mian Behzad AdilThe Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Pakistan MMA and the War on Terrorism in AfghanistanDr. Tahir Amin2008
164Wajiha ArshadPak-Afghan Relations in Post-Taliban EraDr. Tahir Amin2008
165Ghazala Yasmin JalilIndo-US Strategic Partnership: Implications for Pakistan SecurityDr. Mavara Inayat2008
166Waheeda RanaSino-Indian relations: A Paradigm ShiftDr. Tahir Amin2007
167MuazamaliIndo-Pakistan Peace Initiatives An AnalysisDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema2007
168Sadia NasirSCO's Shifting Agenda Challenges and ResponseDr. Ishtiaq Ahmad2007
169Same Ullah Khan LashariRussian Foreign Policy Towards Ex-Soviet Republics (1991-2004)Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad2007
170Hina Sarfaraz MalikUS War on TerrorismDr. Tahir Amin2007
171Arifa BatoolThe War on Terrorism and Pakistan Security Predicaments: Global, Regional and Domestic ContentsDr. Ishtiaq Ahmed2007
172MuazamaliIndo-Pakistan peace initiatives an analysisDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema2006
173Maimoona Ali KazmiEthnic Conflict in Northeast IndiaDr. Muhammad Waseem2006
174Aisha YounusChanging Pakistan Security Perception and Policy in Post 9/11 ScenarioDr. M. Islam2006
175Nadia TasleemIndo-Israel Relations: Implications for PakistanDr. Lubna Abid Ali2006
176Nighat AnwarThe Right of Intervention on Humanitarian GroundsDrLubna Abid Ali2005
177Pashmina MughalHindu Extremism and the Rise of BJP A Threat to India political ethosDr. Muhammad Waseem2005
178Tamknat Fatima JabbarIndia's National Elections 2004 Return of the Congress to PowerDr. Lubna Abid Ali2005
179Shakir Hussain DawarGeo-Political Patterns in Central Asia During the 21 st CenturyDr. Tahir Amin2005
180Abdul Malik JaatEnvironmental Degradation in Central Asia a Case Study of ARAL SeaDr. Tahir Amin2005
181Imran IqbalTerrorism and South Asian Politics: A Case Study of Indo-Pak RelationsDr. M. Waseem2005
182Samrana AfzalThe Normalization of Indo-Pak Relations: From Lahore Declaration 1999 to Islamabad Accord 2004Dr. Riffat Hussain2005
183Najeeb Ullah KhanPakistan's Kashmir Policy After 9/11: Domestic, Regional and global Imperatives Dr. M. Waseem2005
184Syed FurrukhZad Ali ShahGenocide: How to Reckon with Past WrongsDr. Lubna Abid Ali2004
185Bushra AminThe Effects of Globalization on the Foreign Policy of PakistanDr. Rukhsana A. Siddiqui2004
186Majid Rashid NagraChina –Taiwan relations (1991-2000)Dr.Ijaz Hussain2003
187Asma-ul-HusnaFaizMuslim politics in India: From shah Bano case to Gujrat 1958-2002Dr. Muhammad Waseem2003
188Faiza R. RaisIslam and the WestDr. Tahir Amin2003
189Nuzhat KhanumComprehensive Test Ban Treaty: A case Study of India and PakistanDr. Tahir Amin2003
190Zafar HabibPakistan's Afghan in the 1990s: Strategic Imperatives, Institutional Dilemmas and Systematic constrains Dr. Tahir Amin2003
191Saira SaleemPost 9/11 U.S War Against Afghanistan: Causes and ImplicationsDr. Tahir Amin2003
192Muhammad RizwanKhalistan Movement 1984-96NA2002
193Farah NazThe Afghan Refugees in Islamabad Social Cultural Educational and Economic ConditionsDr. Muhammad Waseem2001
194Sumeera RiazBJP's rise to PowerDr. Rasul Baksh2001
195Tabassum NazPakistan's Afghan Policy Under JunejoDr. Muhammad Waseem2001
196M. Tahir AshrafPeace Process at State and Society level: The Case of India and PakistanDr. Rukhsana A. Siddiqui2001
197Murad BaserIndia's strategic Policy in the NinetiesDr. Riffaat Hussain2001
198Zia-ur-Rehman ChohanRole of Iran and Pakistan in Afghanistan Conflict (1979-2000)Dr. Rasul Bakhsh Rais2001
199Shahid IlyasSouth Asian Association for Regional cooperation (SAARC) Problems and ProspectsDr. Tahir Amin2001
200Sahibzada S. SaudGlobalization: A case Study of PakistanDr. M. Waseem2001
201Amjad AliImpact of Afghan Refugees on Pakistani SocietyDr.Ijaz Hussain2000
202Raja Ishtiaq JanjuaPakistan Saudi Arabia Relations 1947-1997 An Historical AnalysisProf. Dr. Ahmad Hassan Dani2000
203Khurram Shahzad HaiderProblem of Regional Cooperation in South Asia: A Case Study of SAARCDr. M. Waseem2000
204Khalil-ur-RehmanThe Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs SAPS on Human Development: A Case Study of IndiaDr. Rukhsana A. Siddiqui2000
205Saima HaseebNagornokarabagh issue Domestic & International FactorsDr. Tahir Amin1997
206Myra AzamIslam in Egyptian politicsDr M.H.Butt1997
207Muhammad Rashid MafzoolZakaPakistan and the Indian MuslimsDr.Ijaz Hussain1997
208Raza Muhammad KhanForeign Policy Analysis A Case study of TurkmenistanDr. Tahir Amin1997
209Mukhtar Ahmed AliAfghanistan Tajikistan relationsRaja Ahsan Aziz1997
210MarvikadirPersonality and Foreign Policy a Case Study of India –Pakistan Relations During India Gandhi's Regime (1966-84)Dr. Tahir Amin1996
211Abu bakarali OmarConflict and Confrontation of the Second Gulf War an AnalysisDr. M .H . Butt1996
212M. Tariq JavedEco & PakistanDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1994
213Mahwush RahmanKashmir HolocaustDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1994
214Syed Mujawar Hussain ShahReligion and politics in Pakistan (1972-1988)Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1994
215Iram SaherIndo-us relations after the cold warDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1993
216Muhammad Yaqoob Tasadduq MalikPost –Simla India's Kashmir StrategyDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1993
217Seema Anjum RiazIslam in North AmericaDr. Saeed ud Din Ahmed Dar1993
218Masroor Mohsin GillaniEnvironment and International Sustainable DevelopmentDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1992
219Arsched Hosssain bhattiInternational political economy of Narcotics a Case Study of PakistanDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1992
220Fayyaz Ali AbbasiThe Pak-Soviet Relations US factorDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1992
221Salim-ud-dinA study of Junejo's Five Point Program (march 1985 to May 1988)Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1992
222Mushtaque AbbasiDe-khomanization in IranImran Hameed1992
223Syed Ahmad-ud-Din HussainDevelopment of local Government Institutions in the province of the Punjab a critical assessmentDr. Manzoor-ud-Din Ahmed1992
224Muhammad NasrullahWullar barrage issue an AnalusisDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1992
225Ahmad RaufSAARC An Experiment in RegionalismDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1992
226Shahzana MalikHindu Revivalism and its Impact on the Muslim Minorities of IndiaDr. Saeed ud Din Ahmed Dar1992
227Mian Asad Hayaud DinPakistan Afghan policy 1974-1991Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1991
228Raja Arshad NazeerU.S Policy Towards Palestinian Question from camp david accords to IntifadahDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1990
229Samar AraThe Kashmir Dispute and the Peace of South AsiaNA1990
230Mada khan masoudPak-US –Aid Deal 1981 a Cost Benefit AnalysisDr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema1989
231Muhammad FarooqSouth Asian Regional cooperation problems and prospects1988
232Attiya N. HakeemNuclear Factor in Indo-Pak Relations1988
233Alamgir khan wazirFaqir of IPI: A Critical StudyDr pervaiz iqbal cheema1990-1991
234Raafat yahaIslamic Revivalism in the Muslim worldProf. Raja Ahsan Aziz
235Simbal A. KhanThe Process of Nation-Building and the quest for legitimacy in UzbekistanProf. Raja Ahsan Aziz