PhD International Relations

Compulsory Courses

Course CodeTitle of CourseCredit Hours
IR – 701Advanced Course on Theories of International Relations3 Credits
IR – 702Advanced Course on Research Methodology3 Credits

Optional Courses

Course CodeTitle of CourseCredit Hours
IR-703Theories of Comparative Politics3 Credits
IR-704Seminar on Selected Contemporary Issues in International Politics3 Credits
IR-705International Politics of South Asia3 Credits
IR-706International Politics of Middle East3 Credits
IR-707International Politics of South East Asia3 Credits
IR-708International Politics of Central Asia3 Credits
IR-709International Politics of Latin America3 Credits
IR-710International Politics of Africa3 Credits
IR-711Contemporary Muslim World3 Credits
IR-712 Comparative Study of Foreign Policies of Major Powers3 Credits
IR-713Politics and Foreign Policy of USA3 Credits
IR-714Politics and Foreign Policy of China3 Credits
IR-715Politics and Foreign Policy of Russia3 Credits
IR-716International Law and Organization3 Credits
IR-717Regionalism: Theory and Practice3 Credits
IR-718International Political Economy3 Credits
IR-719Strategic Studies3 Credits
IR-720Nuclear Studies3 Credits
IR-721Contemporary Conflict Resolution3 Credits
IR-722Media and International Relations3 Credits
IR-723Contemporary Critical Debates in International Relations3 Credits
IR-724Seminar on Nuclear Politics3 Credits

PhD Thesis

IR – 799Ph. D Thesis