M.Phil International Relations

Compulsory Courses

Course CodeTitle of CourseCredit Hours
IR-601Theories of International Relations3 Credits
IR-602Research Methodology3 Credits

Optional Courses

Course CodeTitle of CourseCredit Hours
IR-603Foreign Policy Analysis3 Credits
IR-604A Comparative study of Foreign Policies3 Credits
IR-605Diplomacy3 Credits
IR-606International Organization3 Credits
IR-607Seminar on Selected Contemporary Issues of Int’l Politics3 Credits
IR-608Pakistan and the Islamic World3 Credits
IR-609India-Pakistan Relations3 Credits
IR-610Politics of South Asia3 Credits
IR-611Seminar on Kashmir Dispute3 Credits
IR-612 Politics of Middle East3 Credits
IR-613Islamic Revivalism3 Credits
IR-614Politics of the Gulf Region3 Credits
IR-615Arms Control and International Security3 Credits
IR-616War and the Contemporary International System3 Credits
IR-617Comparative Defense Policies: India and Pakistan3 Credits
IR-618Use of Force in international Relations3 Credits
IR-619Strategic Though (Selective Thinkers)3 Credits
IR-620Law of the Sea3 Credits
IR-621Law of Treaties3 Credits
IR-622Human Rights in International Relations3 Credits
IR-623Political Economy of the Third World3 Credits
IR-624New International Economic Order3 Credits
IR-625Regional Economic Integration3 Credits
IR-626Politics of India Ocean3 Credits
IR-627Contemporary Conflict Resolution3 Credits
IR-628Media and International Relations3 Credits
IR-629Politics and Foreign Policy of the United States of America3 Credits
IR-630Contemporary Debates in International Relations3 Credits
IR-631Seminar on Nuclear Politics3 Credits

M.Phil Dissertation (Thesis)

IR-699M. Phil Dissertation (Thesis)26 Credits