International Seminar on Developmental Peace: Exploring Perceptions of China’s Engagement in Pakistan and Afghanistan

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School of Politics and International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University organised an international seminar on April 30, 2024, titled ‘Developmental Peace: Exploring Perceptions of China’s Engagement in Pakistan and Afghanistan.’ The seminar was chaired by Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Mirza, Director SPIR. The session featured two esteemed guest speakers from Norway: Dr. Arne Strand from Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) and Dr. Kaja Borchgrevink from Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).

Dr. Mirza inaugurated the session by extending a warm welcome to the guests and introducing both the seminar series and the topic of discussion. He discussed that how the School of Politics and International Relations is contributing towards the development and peace of the state and society in Pakistan. Dr. Kaja Borchgrevink then shared her thoughts on ‘developmental peace.’ Drawing from China’s domestic experience, this approach emphasised state-led development and economic growth over social and political reforms. It prioritises sovereignty, stability, and the security-development nexus, linking poverty reduction to peace and stability. Dr Arne Strand further elaborated on the issue and discussed inclusive dimensions of China’s developmental peace approach. The seminar provided valuable insights into China’s developmental peace approach and highlighted crucial research areas for understanding its implications in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Their talk was followed by an interactive Q&A session in which students and faculty of SPIR engaged the visiting scholars on the issues of India-Pakistan-Afghanistan-China, CPEC, security, and environmental concerns.